Friday, October 22, 2010

Tea Party

There was cake! There was tea! There were balloons! There were cookies, and candy too! Eight little girls gathered together on the 16th of October to celebrate Iza's birthday. They played Laser Tag at Boondocks. They beat down a stubborn pinata filled with goodies. They watched Alice in Wonderland on a swinging bed. Then they crashed and started all over again the next morning...  They played Twister. They drew pictures. They ate waffles and pancakes. They had a blast! Here's a movie in memory of the momentous event:

Iza's 9th Very Unbirthday Tea Party

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Indian Summer

I'm looking out the window this morning, and the sky is weeping. I'm watching the leaves fall in all their glory, dappled with myriads of colors, hues infinite. The orange pumpkin perched in front of the house next to the yellow chrysanthemums grimaces as a wet dog passes by sniffing for remnants of meaning in his life. I recall the strange dreams of the night wondering whether they are expressions of my true desires unleashed from the habitual restraits of reason. Perhaps water should be wet, but it doesn't have to be bitter. The drops of rain on the glass swell and make wet tracks as they fall, avenues of fortune. Don't wake me. I plan on sleeping in. I think I want the dream to last a little longer before it dissolves into the verisimilitude of life. I am too afraid to ask myself what I really want: the answer might turn out to be frightfully discrepant with reality. Maybe I'm reading it all wrong: after all, omelettes with gruyere are delicious. Who wouldn't choose an omelette with gruyere over hard boiled eggs? I should get out more often. But that's what got me into this trouble in the first place: looking out the window, watching the leaves fall in the rain. . .